Windsurfing 23rd February 2014

3.7 Gwithian.....

Awesome day windsurfing today.

3.7 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak FULL POWER and Moo Custom quad. I really can't believe how many times I've used a 3.7 this year already. 

The tide was still under the cliffs at Gwithian when I arrived so I headed with a bunch of others upwind to Peters Point to catch some easier looking waves.  It was really howling and it was a hard walk up wind followed by an interesting climb down the "steps" and I use the phrase in it's loosest term as they have been smashed and washed away with all the storms.


 On the beach it was a walk across the sand to the water while watching those already out catch a few waves.

Me @ Gwithian


The view at the waters edge was interesting and it was looking like it was going to be pretty hard work to get out back through the big cold looking close outs that were appearing.


Me @ Gwithian


As it transpired though it was much easier than I expected to get out back, what was difficult was the ferocious gusts that were whipping through, I got caught behind a set wave in the two pics below and there was so much wind and spray coming off the top that I could barely see where I was going, fantastic fun.


Me @ Gwithian


Me @ Gwithian


Huge thank you to Ansum Pics for the photo's, fantastic images as usual.

As the tide dropped from under the cliffs at Gwithian I made my way downwind and caught a few more waves under the car park, really good fun, I still can't get over how well the 3.7 works on the Moo Custom quad, got so many waves I was stoked.

Still buzzing now, what more can you want from a windsurf session.

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