Windsurfing 15th February 2014

Maza Outer Reef ?

By the time I got to the beach today the wind was already dropping and the tide was pushing up and post people were packing up.  Luckliy I have a plan for such occasions so I took my SUP with the 5.3 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak.

Wind was really light with a lot of water moving around on the inside but further out the reef was still breaking. I've always wondered about trying to sail it, so I drifted out to have a look.

I tried to position myself on the shoulder to have a look as it was breaking around mast high on the face. I tried a few times to get from the shoulder onto the wave but as I pumped to catch it the wave was sitting up and then turning away from me and downwind as it broke.

It became clear that in order to get on the wave I needed to be right under the lip to catch it, I managed to get on a couple but by the time I was getting down the face the wave was moving off the reef and disappearing on me.

I then moved to the inside where it was easy enough with the big board to catch nice clean head high faces get a couple of turns and then hope out the back before the wave closed out.

So I had a good sail, tried something new and caught a few waves. Great fun, I certainly get value from having a long board to wave ride in light winds.







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