Windsurfing 1st February 2014


Wow, PROPER windy here today. It was pretty gusty when I got to the beach with lots out on 4.2's but the wind was very on and off and looked more off that on, so I went 4.7 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak with my Moo Custom quad and K4 Rocket Fins.  That combo had worked well last weekend for me so I was  on to use it again.

As I arrived at the waters edge we had an almighty hailstorm, it hammered down for 5 minutes before the sun came out. unfortunately the wind dropped a little so I was underpowered a bit on the way out.

I had about an hour on the 4.7 by which time the wind was really starting to fill in all the holes. So I packed up the 4.7 expecting to sail with the 4.2 yet it just seemed to be getting windier and windier.

It was time to break out the 3.7 ! !

Now I haven't used a sub 4m sail in the UK for over 3 years so my 3.7 SuperFreak has never been wet !  Glad I had it though.

So I'm now rigged still with a 100l 62 wide Moo Custom quad, with 16cm  K4 Rockets in the rear and a 3.7 !

WOW ! !  Did I say WOW !

I really couldn't believe how well that combo was working, firstly the 3.7 SuperFreak is without doubt the best small sail I have ever used for overpowered sailing, and secondly the quad worked really well with it. So well that I was getting both front and backside turns and not feeling over boarded in what only was over powered 3.7 weather but the sea was really churning and resembling a mogul course.

Have to say I  really loved being out on the 3.7 today, looking forward to the next storm already !

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Once again I got home to homemade cake


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