Windsurfing 26th January 2014

Windy Windy.....

REALLY gusty today at maza but there was at least a small wave and mostly cross shore too.

I took my Moo Custom quad with K4 Rockets and the 4.7 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak.  The wind meant I was either under or overpowered most of the time so it was really nice having the freak for when the big gusts hit.

Really impressed with how well the 4.7 worked on this board, I had thought 5.3 was going to be the sweet spot, now I'm loving the 4.7 on it as well. Pretty good for a 100l 62cm wide board.

January had been pretty good this year with 6 session this month for me


Me @ Maza


Me @ Maza


Me @ Maza


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