Windsurfing 25th January 2014

Flat Longrock.....

High tide smack in the middle of the day with the wind swinging westerly then NW really cut down the options on where to sail today.  Ended up with a bit of a blast as the tide started to drop out of Longrock, we'd kind of hoped that the swell might have shown there, but it never really got above knee high, it was at least cross shore.  5.3 for me, most others on 5m - 4.7m.

Looking windy again tomorrow but with more rain and the same problem with the tides, will be a late afternoon south coast sail for me I think.


Moo, K4's and Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak


Not only did I get a windsurf in, but once again I got home to freshly made cakes. I'm Spoilt.




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