Windsurfing 18th January 2014

Golden Hour.....

Not a lot of wind forecast today, but it was forecast to swing from S to SW then to NW just after lunch, sometimes we get lucky with south coast swell when it does this.  Today was one of those days when the timings all fell into place.

I'd looked at Gwithian and it was pretty big, lots of water moving around, but the wind was starting to go slightly onshore.

I headed across to Maza where it was still very slightly x-on, not to mention exceedingly light, Culdrose was showing 8mph and that's probably more exposed than the beach.

I rigged up the Sup with my 5.3 Hot Sails Maui custom SuperFreak and drifted out, with the wind and rip running I lost a lot of ground downwind on the first run out back, and there was a fair bit of pumping required to get out and over the white water.

I'd ended up quite a way down toward the mount but I gybed out back and found a nice chest high peak, it was a bit of a one turn wave as it flattened out quickly, but I used the whitewater to get me back in and upwind.

The wind then started swinging and slowly went x-off and I was able to easily get out and upwind toward the Longrock end where the waves were a little larger and offering longer rides of 2 or 3 turns if you could get into the right spot.

There is certainly a golden hour for me when the tide pushes up just before it starts washing back out off the shingle when the waves clean up and the rides get a little longer, today was one of those days, although it was a bit strange having brown walls to carve along rather than the normal blue/green, but I guess with all the rain there was a lot of run off from the fields, not to mention a lot of weed still hanging around following the recent storms.



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