Windsurfing 4th January 2014


With not much wind forecast for today but light westerlies and a pretty solid SW swell it was a trip down to maza to catch the tide as it dropped off the bank as the waves should clean up.

Turns out it was a pretty fine day for me to go sup sailing, the wind on the whole was really light, occasionally there was enough for lightweights to get planing on big kit, and a couple of times I thought about changing boards but the wind always dropped and the waves were such great fun on the longboard.

The waves ranged to around head high and pretty good for the south coast, the long period made it really easy to park up out back and wait for the sets and on the whole a couple of pumps of the sail was all it needed to catch a wave.



Me @ Maza


 As the tide pushed up it was fun to ride clew first as well, Mel Spashography got a quick snap of me clew first:

Me @ Maza




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