Windsurfing 1st January 2014

New Year - Yet more waves.....

Wow, more waves, it's been pretty non stop for the last few weeks, so was really looking forward to some more north coast wave action today, particularly after sailing the wrong spot yesterday.

Got down to Mexico's where there were lots of people hanging around as the wind looked to have dropped again, with the odd mast high wave closing out, it didn't look overly appealing.

Decided that it was probably just a lull as the wind has been up and down all the time at the moment, so took out the Moo quad with the K4 Rocket fins and 5.3 Hot Sails Maui Superfreak.

By the time I had lugged it down the sand dunes the wind was filling in again and at times I was stacked on the 5.3

I have to admit I had a great sail, really enjoyed myself, forgot to attach the GoPro so no video but a chap on the beach got a couple of snaps of me.

I got a couple of mast high ones but they were closing out it was pretty much a bottom turn and maybe halfway back up the face before I bottled it. the smaller, head-logo high ones stayed open a bit longer so were better for turns, but there is a certain rush and attraction of trying to take on the big ones.

I was seriously impressed with the K4 Rockets though, first time I've tried them in the quad powered up in proper DTL conditions. They certainly got me up and planning a lot earlier which was great for getting out back and staying upwind, but they also behaved beautifully on the wave, I just love the quad in the turns. 

Hopefully more of the same soon.

Me @ Mexicos


Me @ Mexicos


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